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Skin Analyzer machine - The Newest revalution in the Skin Analysis industry

Product description

Magic Mirror Max Analysis System clinically measures the dermis and epidermis of the skin using RGBvisible light,PL polarised light and UV spectrum imaging technology,combines with artifical intelligence and image analysis. Used by the beauty, medical and aesthetic skincare professionals, the skin analyser system is the world's most advanced skin detection equipment that captures multi-spectral photos of the face,examining the complexion of wrinkles,spots, pores,texture, porphyrins,UV spots, pigmentation, acne, moisture and skin age. According to the test results,Magic Mirror Max skin analysis system recommends
products for customized skin management program and predicting the trend of future skin 3-5years. When a patient can see tangible evidence of their skin conditions, they are more likely to book a treatment or buy a product immediately to cure their damaged skin.


Product advantage

  1. Android platform system, more intelligent and convenient.

  2. RGB+UV+PL 3 spectrums,scan images in normal, polarized, and UV lighting.

  3. Automatic face recognition technology.

  4. Accurately analysis 10 skin problems from epidermis and dermis.

  5. Skin aging and skin beautyfing to show the skin condition in next 3-5 years.

  6. Wi-Fi transfer database, I cloud storage, bath database management.

  7. 30million clinical database, based on large data, combines with artificial intelligence and image analysis, analysis more accurate,20 secondsrapid analysis, time-saving and efficient.

  8.  Advertising display on the homescreen automatically.

Product application Skin Analyzer


Skin Analyzer Before and After


Skin Analyzer Product specification


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