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What Should I Do About Hair Loss?

Sep. 14, 2022

Hair loss is very common in daily life, normal people can have different degrees and different amounts of hair loss every day, this normal hair loss is not a disease, only when a person sheds more than 100 hairs per day, or there is a significant loss in a certain area, then it can be called pathological hair loss. Why do people lose their hair? What can be done about hair loss? Follow Sincoheren to find out!


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Why do people lose their hair?


◆Genetic factors, androgenetic alopecia are the most common, and both men and women can suffer from it, more often in men. The hair follicles in the hair loss area are overly sensitive to the "attack" of androgens, resulting in progressive shrinkage of the hair follicles, which eventually turns into fine hair follicles, forming the clinically visible hair loss.

◆Folliculitis, stress and anxiety, smoking, postpartum, and certain immune diseases are also associated with androgenetic alopecia.


◆Autoimmune factors, represented by baldness, some patients with baldness may also be combined with other autoimmune diseases at the same time, such as goiter, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, vitiligo, etc.


◆ Excessive mental stress or sudden stress can also cause types of hair loss such as patchy baldness and resting alopecia.


◆Mental factors such as hair-pulling fetish can cause hair loss. Patients are mostly children with the bad habit of hair plucking. Patients are indifferent to the hair loss formed, and some of them even feel that hair plucking can soothe the tension, which is a kind of mental illness.


◆Drug side effects, such as chemotherapy drugs for malignant tumors can cause a lot of hair loss.

Infection, certain infections such as fungal and bacterial infections can cause the destruction of hair follicles and the formation of scars, resulting in permanent hair loss.


◆ Scalp trauma, scar formation due to trauma to the scalp can cause scarring alopecia.


◆Some habits of hairdressing and hair combing make hair being pulled too tight for a long time, such as tying a very tight braid, combing hair hard, hairpin pulling too tight, etc., can lead to hair pulling alopecia.


What are the ways to treat hair loss?


◆Supplementation of vegetable protein. If your hair is dry and frizzy, you can eat more soybeans, black sesame, corn and other foods.


◆Supplement iron. People who often lose hair often have iron deficiency in their body. Iron-rich foods include soybeans, black beans, eggs, scallops, shrimps, cooked peanuts, spinach, carp, bananas, carrots, potatoes and so on.


◆Supplement vitamin E. Vitamin E can resist hair aging, promote cell division and help hair growth. You can eat more fresh lettuce, cabbage, black sesame, etc.


◆Supplement iodine. The luster of the hair is related to the role of the thyroid gland. Iodine supplementation can enhance the secretion function of the thyroid gland, which is beneficial to the beauty of the hair. You can eat more seaweed, nori, oyster and other foods.


◆Eat less food containing acidic substances. One of the factors of hair loss and hair turning yellow is due to the blood, which has acidic toxins. Physical and mental overwork, long-term over-eating of pure sugar and fatty foods, etc. will cause the body to produce acid toxins in the process of metabolism. The acids in foods such as liver, meat and onions tend to cause excessive acid toxins in the blood, so eat less of them.


◆Take medical aesthetic means and perform periodic treatment with advanced medical devices.

hair regrowth machine

hair regrowth machine

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