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HIFEM Technology for Treating and Slimming Your Body

Mar. 09, 2022

There are many advanced technologies and devices to help humans lose fat and gain muscle. Starting with the development of tools to enhance exercise training and physiotherapy, a variety of OTC and prescription or practice-based devices have been approved for therapeutic uses including maintaining and improving range of motion, muscle re-education, increasing local circulation, preventing or treating disuse atrophy, relaxing muscle spasm and preventing venous thrombosis.

The Emsculpt Neo treatment, for example, consists of four 30-minute non-surgical sessions to reduce fat, build muscle tone and contour the body. The HIFEM technology is the element that enables these transformative results. Here we take a closer look at what HIFEM is and how it can improve muscle tone and body contouring in patients who are not yet ready for and do not require surgical treatment.

HIFEM Technology for Treating and Slimming Your Body

What is HIFEM technology?

HIFEM stands for High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology. HIFEM® uses a powerful but harmless form of electromagnetic stimulation to contract the muscles in the target area. These magnetic fields produce electrical currents which are transmitted to the muscles. When these magnetic pulses are fast enough, they force the muscles to contract, just as they do during strenuous exercise. 

As a result, when the muscles contract enough times, they begin to build muscle and burn fat.

What does HIFEM treat?

The HIFEM technique treats muscle laxity in various areas of the body including: buttocks, abdominal area, triceps, biceps and thighs.

This technique simply mimics the action potentials of the nerves that cause the muscles to contract with a thoroughness and intensity that you cannot perform through voluntary exercise. When we use it, the technique has a functional and aesthetic effect. For areas such as the pelvic floor, this has significant therapeutic benefits, such as improving male and female urinary incontinence.

HIFEM Technology for Treating and Slimming Your Body

HIFEM technique administered

When applying HIFEM, patients may experience slight muscle twitching and movement. The muscles in the treated area will contract with each pulse of HIFEM energy.

The muscle tissue will respond to the intense stimulation by adjusting its structure. HIFEM strengthens the muscle and increases its volume by up to 25%.

Treatment cycle

HIFEM treatments are painless and require zero downtime afterwards. Most people choose to relax by napping or browsing on their phones during their body sculpting treatment. The next day, you may experience the same level of soreness as after a strenuous workout. 

If you want to get the amazing HIFEM results you want, you can and should have multiple treatments. In fact, it is recommended that for best results you should schedule 2-4 treatments as recommended by your technician. However, if you feel you can use only modifications, you can still have just one treatment and see positive results.

HIFEM Technology for Treating and Slimming Your Body

Everyone wants to look and feel better and stronger. By using this technique to strengthen and tone core muscle tissue, patients can improve not only their appearance, but also their muscle function.

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