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5 Mistakes You May Make During Laser Hair Removal

Nov. 15, 2021

Every six weeks, a friend of mine visited her esthetician on time, asked her esthetician to apply the gel and use the laser hair removal device to get rid of those embarrassing hairs, never stopping until she completed the five sessions. The good news is that the results are promising and there are no more embarrassing shadows under her armpits. She summed up some experiences that can help to avoid the misunderstanding of laser hair removal. Now I share them with you.

Portable Diode Laser Removal Machine

1. You didn't shave first

Laser hair removal can damage the stem cells in the hair follicle, but if the sweat hair is too long, the laser may burn the skin. That's why you need "hair in the follicle but no hair on the skin" before laser hair removal. It is good to shave off the overgrown hairs with a razor regularly. If you especially like waxing and are ready to try laser hair removal, give the hair at least a week to grow.

2. Not choosing an experienced practitioner

This may seem like a nonsense statement, but most people won't mention their experience if you don't actively ask. Whether you are a physician, aesthetician or someone who specializes in laser hair removal, the results are definitely not the same if you do it every day versus operating once a month. It is important to ask the aesthetician sideways about their experience and find an experienced aesthetician.

3. You do not check the equipment

Condensation gel, goggles, and flashing lasers make up the memories of people's first pulsed hair removal (photonic hair removal IPL). If you're after the elegant environment of a salon, the chances of enjoying the latest high-tech technology are a little smaller. Pulsed hair removal is effective, but it just requires a lot of care, as well as having the risk of getting burned, as IPL is not friendly to darker skin tones. So for people with darker skin tones, you can ask your physician to recommend a more suitable device. Personally, the diode laser is more effective than IPL, and the pain is milder, like being stuck with needles.

4. Not treating on time

Usually 4-6 weeks between treatments is enough, and it takes about 5 treatments to achieve more significant hair reduction. Some people find their doctor after two or three treatments with a six-month interval and say that the hair has grown back. Laser hair removal is about repeatedly damaging the hair follicles so that they lose their ability to grow hair. It even requires special treatment for areas with heavy hair. You need to take care of your underarms and legs in your daily life and have a follow-up appointment every month or so.

Razorlase SDL-Kplus 1000W 808 nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

5. Expect too much

Most areas can get rid of 85-90% of the hair, and results vary from person to person, but don't expect not a single sweat hair. Even if it is advertised as "permanent hair removal", it is a reduction of most hair and not a complete removal of hair. 

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