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What to Consider When We Take Hair Removal Treat

Nov. 02, 2021

There is no such thing as the best laser hair removal device, only the one that is suitable for you, so you can choose according to the advantages and disadvantages according to your needs. SINCOHEREN shows you the consideration to buy hair removal machines and their categories.

You can choose a laser hair removal device by considering three aspects: wavelength, pulse width and energy density.

I. Wavelength

The clinical application of hair removal instrument generally wavelength between 694-1200nm, this wavelength penetration into the skin can be good absorption by the melanin in the hair follicle, but also to ensure its penetration to the depth of the hair follicle. If a woman is very hairy, it is recommended to use a pulsed light hair removal device.

II. Pulse width

The pulse width of the laser hair removal instrument is generally in the range of 10~100ms or even longer, the long pulse width can make the hair follicle and hair follicle stem cells slowly heated and destroyed, also can avoid the epidermis due to the absorption of light energy after the temperature rise and cause skin damage, darker skin colour people pulse width can be appropriately increased to 100 milliseconds will be safer.

III. Energy density

Under the premise of no discomfort, the energy density can be appropriately increased to improve the efficacy, laser hair removal in the time to do when the applicant will feel the pain of being pinpricked, if the energy density is high after treatment can appear a slight red spot on the skin, if the energy is low then the skin is not any reaction.

 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Hair removal devices can generally be divided into the following categories, and the criteria for classification is the core technology used in the instrument.

Laser hair removal

Most of them are used in medical institutions such as beauty salons and hospitals, but there are very few home versions of laser hair removal devices, such as the tria, because of its high energy level and the pain it causes when used, which is likely to burn if not assisted by a professional.

IPL Intense Pulsed Light

It has less energy than the laser hair removal device, but the pain is still more pronounced when using it. It is more suitable for limbs and back, but may be more painful if used for underarm or bikini area, and is not recommended for girls with sensitive skin.

HPL House Pulsed Light

HPL is the core technology developed specifically for use in home hair removal devices. It is gentle and efficient, equivalent to an upgraded version of IPL, and can be used by both sensitive skin and healthy skin.


Overall, whether it is a laser hair removal device or a pulsed light hair removal device, they all belong to the category of optical hair removal, and the core technology they use directly affects the hair removal effect and the experience of using them. Your choice is largely determined by your own circumstances, some people have more obvious pain, so choose a laser hair removal device with a small wavelength, wide pulse and low energy density, and the opposite if the pain is lower.

If you have more questions about what laser hair removal device is best to know, you can contact our experts or visit your local hospital for a more detailed consultation.

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