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What skin problems can laser beauty solve?

Dec. 31, 2021

In recent years, laser cosmetics is a new non-surgical cosmetic method that has emerged. The laser has many characteristics such as large energy, specific direction, and penetrability. It can generate high heat locally in human tissues to achieve the purpose of removing or destroying target tissues. With the development and popularization of laser beauty, people have discovered the secret to solving skin problems with less effort.

Why can laser be used for beauty?

What skin problems can laser beauty solve?

The use of laser for medical beauty mainly depends on its energy and penetrability.

Specific body surface lesions can absorb laser light of a specific wavelength and destroy the lesions through energy. Different depths of lesions require lasers of different wavelengths to reach. The shorter the wavelength of the laser, the stronger the penetration and the deeper it can penetrate into the skin; the darker the color of the lesion, the longer the wavelength of the laser that can be absorbed.

What skin problems can laser solve?

1. Remove spots-freckles, age spots

Spot removal is actually the largest area of laser treatment, and it has a good effect on most skin spots. The principle is to use laser energy to destroy pigments and make them decompose and absorb.

2. Treat congestion-telangiectasia, red face

Capillary dilatation is more common in fair-skinned patients. The laser uses its photothermal effect to seal the blood vessels to achieve the therapeutic effect.

3. Hair removal

Hair removal is also an important part of laser treatment, especially in the armpits, limbs, and perioral area.

4. Treat acne

Laser can only treat mild to moderate acne, and laser treatment is not suitable for severe or infection. Laser treatment can be combined with dermatology.

5. Skin rejuvenation-skin tightening and wrinkle removal

The strong pulsed light of the laser acts on the skin tissues to produce photothermal and photochemical effects, which can rearrange, regenerate, and restore elasticity of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the deep; make facial skin wrinkles disappear or reduce, reduce pores, and make The effect of skin rejuvenation.

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