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DIY Home Tattoo Removal is dangerous

Jan. 06, 2022

When browsing online for info about tattoo removal, you find a website that claims to give you a secret removal of home tattoos. "Easy! It's cheap! It's fully effective!" Some websites boast.

Should you try it, if it's really cheap as they claim? However, you want to part with the sports team logo that you get one wild summer night before college.

DIY Home Tattoo Removal is dangerous

Impossible. While fast and inexpensive DIY care ideas that really function sound interesting, there are no actual claims right. And this is another thing they don't convey to you: the danger of trying to remove the tattoo at home is very high. This is why you have to leave the removal of tattoos to a specialist.

What is the work of tattoo removal at home?

People consider DIY tattoo removal for several reasons:

Save time - they want to miss the tattoo as fast as possible, and the elimination of professional lasers may need months.

Saving professional-professional laser removal seems expensive.

They have heard the urban legend that DIY appointment can be effective.

It is not surprising that the interest in removal of home tattoos has soared. Thirty percent of people with tattoo regret get their design on willingness, word male health. Tattoos have become very popular among millennial, but many now find that getting one at a young age can prove to be a mistake. In fact, more than 37.6% of people get tattoos between the ages of 18 and 21 regret the decision - after the age of 26, the number drops to the digit.

However, food and drug administration (FDA) has not agreed to all types of removal of home tattoos, because they are not effective and risky. However, the removal of tattoos has quickly grown more popular, FDA said. It leads many people to try choices in dangerous homes.

But can you really remove the tattoo at home? No you can't. To succeed in removing tattoos, care needs to be done one of the following:

1. Because the body absorbs and removes the ink from the skin.

2. Enter or extract ink particles.

The method of removing home tattoos is not safely meets this requirement. Anything strong enough to reach in the skin to extract very dangerous ink particles in untrained hands. Remember, the goal is to end with clear and healthy skin after the removal of tattoos - not a gaping wound or thick scar tissue!

Professional laser removal causes the body to remove ink from the skin without truly breaking the skin. With a professional laser appointment, high-intensity laser pulses penetrate deep into the skin, reach the dermis layer where the ink is stored and breaks it into small pieces that can be watered. This is the most soft but most effective method out there.

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