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11 Best Skin Care Solutions-Photorejuvenation 

Jan. 05, 2022

Principle: Non-exfoliation physical therapy, under the premise of not damaging the skin, penetrates the epidermis with strong pulsed light of a specific broad spectrum, so that the precipitated pigment mass is destroyed, decomposed, and excreted from the body with the metabolism


Improve the problem:

Decompose stains and close abnormal red blood streaks;

Stimulate the proliferation of subcutaneous collagen;

Smoothen wrinkles and solve large pores;

The effect of light and heat can enhance blood vessel function and improve skin microcirculation.


Recovery days: basically no recovery period

Maintenance time: 21~28 days

Pain index: ★★

Reference price: around 1000


(1) What should I pay attention to after photorejuvenation?

①You can wash your face after 6 hours.

② Within one week after finishing, it is forbidden to eat spicy and irritating food. Quit smoking and drinking and eat more light and easy-to-mouth foods.

③ Fasting photosensitive food and photosensitive drugs.

People with sensitive skin should also fast foods that can cause skin allergies

④After finishing some Jimei, the skin may be dry and dehydrated.

Remember to add enough moisture and nutrients to the skin every day.

⑤If you find any discomfort, please don't check online and mess around at home. Please contact your treating doctor in time, and the doctor will guide you to the correct care and follow-up treatment.

⑥ After the photorejuvenation, the skin is more delicate and fragile, so it is necessary to strictly protect the sun!

⑦It is strictly forbidden to use aspirin and alcohol after finishing, and do not squeeze, press, touch or rub the face. ⑧ Vitamin C and Vitamin E can be taken orally to promote pigment metabolism and enhance skin immunity. People with endocrine-related diseases should cooperate with internal regulation of Chinese medicine to achieve the effect of treating both symptoms and root causes. ⑨Some people will have local redness and swelling, which will go away on their own within 3 days, so don’t worry. Very few people will develop scabs and purpura, which will fall off on their own within two weeks. A very small number of people will have pigmentation, usually within 3-9 months the body can absorb the pigment.

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