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The Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Apr. 27, 2021

Laser hair removal machine suppliers share with you

1. How does laser hair removal work?

Unlike other hair removal methods, laser hair removal is a specialized treatment that can help permanently remove unwanted hair. Laser damage to the skin is also manageable (almost negligible) if you meet an experienced aesthetician and use the right Laser Hair Removal Equipment and precautions.

The principle of laser hair removal is all about using the laser for dark hair to achieve complete destruction of the hair follicle so that the hair does not grow back. The light energy of the laser is converted into heat, and this heat then indirectly damages the cells where the hair grows. These cells are very close to the pigment cells in the hair, causing the hair to fall out and not grow back. Because the laser targets the pigment, it has the highest success rate for people with dark hair color light skin so that the laser can identify it quickly. Because the laser only targets hair color and not our skin color, there is a risk of burning the skin.

Laser Hair Removal is not suitable for people with light skin tone and light hair color, or dark skin tone and dark hair color, because the laser does not have a way to accurately target the hair.

Laser Hair Removal Equipment

Laser Hair Removal Equipment

2. Are there any risks or side effects?

The doctor recommends not to take a hot bath for a day. If there is a slight redness or swelling, it will usually disappear on its own within 1-3 days, so there is nothing to worry about. If you have such a condition, you can apply ice to the area that appears red and swollen, which is very effective within a few hours after the hair removal.

3. what to do before hair removal preparation

One of the preparations you need to do is to shave off the hair on the area you want to remove with a razor blade first, 24 hours before the best. Shaving the surface of the skin reduces the chance of laser burns and allows the aesthetician to see the hair follicle clearly enough for them to scan the laser more accurately to the location. Just wash yourself before going for hair removal, never use waxing or plucking.

4. How is the hair removal process

People are more concerned about whether it will be painful or not, but the answer is yes. But because this operation is very fast, so you do not have to carefully experience the pain before it is over, the pain feels like a hot rubber band is playing you.

My tolerance is not bad, so I think the pain is acceptable, but everyone's threshold is different, so the experience will be different, but in any case it will be objectively easier to tolerate than when waxing.

The whole process time depends on the size of your hair removal area, for example, some people will go to remove lip hair may be less than a minute to end, if it is the limbs it may take 30-40 minutes.

5. What should I pay attention to after hair removal? How long will it take to work?

There is no special care that needs to be paid attention to after the laser, there is no special care that affects the life level, if there is stinging or redness, you can apply hydrocortisone ointment and it will be fine within a few days. 24 hours to avoid direct sunlight.

The effect can be seen on the spot, but it will continue to grow after a few weeks, but the growth is slow and very fine, so don't worry. The hair below the neck usually needs to be rebooked after 45 days, and after 6 treatments the hair is usually reduced by 75% or permanently.

Finally, the price depends on the part of your hair removal, and the preferred Laser Hair Removal Machine will be different for different parts, ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands. For example, lip hair on a few hundred, limbs almost 20,000, men and women prices also seem to differ.

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