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New Product--810nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser Releasing

Oct. 12, 2017

In October,12, 2017, the releasing conference of 810nm fiber coupled SHR is held in Sincoheren meeting room. Adhering to all the advantages of 810nm diode laser, fiber coupled diode laser upgrades the laser technology to integration creatively, (thus the hair removal efficiency is improved and the laser output power is distributed uniformly. In addition, cooling feeling is promoted, laser generator greatly reduce the failure rate while its life is greatly ascend, hand piece is more portable and hair removal efficiency is greatly improved.) This is an advanced technology in the world wide. All company members excitedly participates the conference, especially the Marketing Department members. Thanks for all our company leader's support and and thanks all the R&D engineers, factory workers.

Beijing Sincoheren S & T Development Co., Ltd.

Beijing Sincoheren S & T Development Co., Ltd.

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