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Learn the Best Way to Remove Your Arm Hair

Jun. 23, 2022

Thick hair is beautiful on your head, and you want people to notice it. But when it comes to your arm, there's not that much. We experts know that you don't want people to notice your arm hair, especially if it's thick and black. Whether you want to remove hair from your forearms or armpits, we can all meet your needs. 

The problem of arm depilation

There are many options for removing arm hair, but most of them have less pleasant drawbacks-mainly because your arms are so obvious. Shaving can lead to embarrassing stubble and inward growth of hair. Not only is stubble visible, but smooth arms are not allowed. .

Home and professional bleaching can make dark hair less obvious, but not that hairless and smooth. Waxing the hair on your arm does create a smooth arm immediately after your meeting, but in the next few weeks, you will fall into stubble and regenerate before the next waxing meeting.

Enter laser hair removal. Laser therapy can remove excess arm hair without:

An awkward stubble.

Messy (and irritating) hair removal cream.

A painful course of waxing.


Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Laser hair removal course

The laser program for arm depilation is customized according to the color and thickness of your hair. For example, if you have darker or thicker hair on your arms, you may need more treatments to get the maximum effect.

At SINCOHEREN, we use the latest laser technology. When laser energy heats your hair follicles, it will inactivate the hair follicles and prevent future growth. .

Since laser energy affects hair follicles only when they are in the growth stage, we will strategically arrange your treatment to ensure that we treat all hair follicles in your arms or armpits during the growth phase. .

To prepare your arms for laser hair removal, please keep the following tips in mind 2-3 weeks before each appointment:

Avoid anything that removes hair follicles, such as tweezers or waxing.

Stop applying self-tanning lotion on your arms.

Avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, whether outdoors or in tanning beds.

Avoid drugs that are sensitive to sunlight.

When you arrive for arm hair removal counseling, be sure to bring a list of any supplements or medications you take. If any of your supplements may affect laser hair therapy, our team will provide additional guidance.


ND YAG Hair Removal Alexandrite Laser Machine

Get ready for your big day

Make the most of your treatment by shaving the hair in the treatment area 24 hours before treatment. Believe it or not, shaving on the day of laser depilation will produce better results, because the laser can better detect hair follicles without scorching dry hair. .

We know that shaving the arm is not ideal as a daily solution, but it does help to get a better experience during laser therapy. Use a fresh razor. Do not use all body washes, moisturizers and perfumes.

If you are ready to expose your arms, please visit our website to learn about our hair removal machine. To begin arm depilation, please contact us to arrange consultation today.

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