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How To Choose A Right Laser Hair Removal Device?

Jul. 27, 2021

Hair removal is a recurring cycle and a troubling process for many friends who have a lot of body hair.

The trend of hair removal instrument is also particularly big in recent years, has gotten into hair removal instrument or still in the wait and see friends will have a lot of doubts, hair removal instrument can permanent hair removal?

hair growth

How does hair grow out

Hair is composed of hair root and hair shaft.

The hair root includes hair follicles, hair papillae, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, nerve endings, erector spinae, hair cells and microscopic blood vessels. The hair shaft consists of the hair tip, hair shaft and hair root.

The hair follicle and the hair papilla are the hair manufacturing factories from which the hair grows. The hair mother cell, the "engine" of hair growth, is directly affected by hair-inducing factors and is constantly dividing to produce new hair cells.

The growth cycle is divided into three phases: the anagen phase (2-7 years), the resting phase (3-4 weeks) and the shedding phase (3-4 months).

About 85% of the hair is in the anagen phase, which lasts for about 7 years.

Only 1% of the hairs are in the resting phase, after the anagen phase they enter the resting phase, which lasts for 3-4 weeks, when the hairs no longer receive nutrients from the hair papilla and the roots begin to thin out.

14% of hairs are in the shedding phase, which lasts 3-4 months. The shrunken hairs, the roots move upward to the sebaceous gland passages; during the shedding phase, new hairs start to grow in the hair follicles.

How to choose a hair removal device?

It is best to consult a professional dermatologist before choosing a home optical hair removal device or a semiconductor laser hair removal device. Sincoheren has compiled 4 tips for you.

① Choose a lighter weight home hair removal device

The circuit structure of the hair removal instrument is complex, and it is difficult to make the weight and volume very light; furthermore, if the hair to be removed is more, then the user has been lifting the heavy instrument, it will be more difficult; moreover, hair removal should be used consistently to achieve better hair removal effect.

So, choose a lighter hair removal instrument that is a little easier to use and easier to stick with for a long time.

②Choose the multi-grade home hair removal instrument

Because hair removal instrument has different energy size, choose a hair removal instrument for different body parts so that users can choose different gears for hair removal.

③Choose qualified energy density and wavelength

It is found that the hair removal instrument energy density >5 J/cm² will effectively destroy the hair follicle tissue. Choose the hair removal instrument with energy density ≥5 J/cm² (energy density=total energy/outlet area) and starting wavelength 620nm long light wave, the pain is light and the effect can be guaranteed.

④ Not use too cheap hair removal instrument

The filter is the main component of the hair removal instrument, if you choose too cheap hair removal instrument, the filter quality is poor, the filter effect is poor, the hair removal effect is not good, the skin is easy to be injured.

Razorlase SDL-K Plus 1000W 808 nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine 

Portable Diode Laser Removal Machine

Can hair be removed permanently?

Home and laser hair removal device of long-lasting hair removal is not the same as hair extinction.

As mentioned before, human hair has a growth cycle (growth period, recession period and rest period), and these three growth periods of hair exist at the same time, hair removal instrument is to let the hair mother cell inactivation play a role, because the recession period and rest period of the hair mother cell has been inactivated, so hair removal instrument only for the growth period of hair has a role.

However, the hair cells are not permanently inactivated, and their activity will be restored after a period of time. Therefore, the hair removal device cannot remove hair permanently.

If we insist on using it for a period of time, we can increase the time for the hair cells to regain their activity. In other words, you may need hair removal once a month to maintain smooth skin, but now you only need it once every six months. This will save a lot of time and reduce worries.

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