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ND YAG Laser Machine

What is ND YAG Laser Equipment?

The ND YAG laser, which stands for neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet, is a more advanced type of laser that is frequently used to treat a number of skin and eye conditions. It is sold under several brand names including Zemits, DEKA, Lynton, and many more. The ND YAG laser machine is specifically tailored to treat specific conditions that will enhance beauty with great satisfaction.

ND YAG Laser Machine

About Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser Machine

EXQ-Laser is a newly developed Nd: YAG laser treatment system basing on the laser Q modulation technology. It is designed with 1064/532 dual-wavelength optical laser and 5ns pulse width. This skin treatment laser has found excellent performance in clinical treatment. To ensure the safety of the system, we have equipped it withreal-time energy monitoring system, energy self-regulating system, as well as water filtration system.The user-friendly operation interface has made it rather easy-operated. With excellent performance, high tability, andhighsafetydegree, EXQ-LaserhaswonthecertificanGawellasseverapariunique design. Sincoheren provides professional ODM services to many distributors and medical aesthetic institutions,Get a quote.

Q-switched lasers generate incredibly brief bursts of energy, resulting in tremendous amounts of power. With the exception of green, which is more efficiently handled in picosecond mode, this peak power helps break up the most obstinate ink color without hurting the surrounding skin when it comes to tattoo removal. Discomfort, side effects, and downtime are all reduced as a result. Q-switched lasers are also used to treat pigmented lesions such as brown spots (the laser's light energy heats up the vessels, causing them to swell and be destroyed) and vascular lesions such as broken capillaries (the laser's light energy heats up the vessels, causing them to swell and be destroyed).

Benefits of ND YAG Laser Machines

ND YAG Lasers can be used for a variety of cosmetic operations with the primary purpose of improving aesthetic beauty. With high-quality ND YAG Laser machines, you may be able to perform various operations such as unwanted hair removal, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, and many more.

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Principle of ND YAG Laser Machine

The working principle of Nd Yg laser machine is the selective absorption. Since the peak power of Nd Yag laser with nanosecond pulse width is very large,and the relaxation time for the melanin in melanin cells andkeratinocytes is short, those small particles (tattoo, melanin) which have preferably absorbed the laser energywill burst instantaneously without having impact on the surrounding normal tissues. The blasted particles willenter the circulatory system and be excreted out of the body. Basing on the thermal effect of laser, the treatment for vascular lesion of this Nd Yag laser is to target at the abnormally dilated blood vessels with laser, and let the hemoglobin absorb the laser energy until it is dead and fall out.

Since Q1064nm lasercan be preferably absorbed bymelanin and showsstrongpenetratingabilit it is ideal totreat deep skin lesions, like blue and black tattoo,nevus of ota, etc. By contrast, Q532nm laser is mainly used fortreating superficial pigmentation disorders, such as freckles, cafe-au-lait spots, and seborrheic keratosis. Inaddition, Q532nm laser can be used to remove red tattoo, lip lines.

Advantages of ND YAG Laser Machine

1. Theadoption oflaserQ modulationtechnologyallowsforigeegopu withthe pulsewidthshortened to 5ns and the power output density doubled.

2. For this kind of YAG laser skin rejuvenation treatment equipment, we have employed the double-rod double-lamplaser,thelaserfromAmric andthelightguidearmfrom Korea.

3. It isequipped with laserenergy inspection system and output energydeviation alarm deviceto ensure itssafety.

4. Our Q switched Nd Yag laser machine adopts the light guide arm with 7 joints and the adjustable handles, whose spot diameter ranges from 2mm to 10mm.The energy density changes simultaneously as the spot sizechanges.

5. Fattened Gaussian beam: the spot energy is distributed uniformly, committing no harm to the surroundingskin

6. All skin types accepted.

7. Easy to be installed and maintained

8.No downtime or side effect.

9. Short-time treatment and excellent curing result.

10. The built-in closed circulation water cooling system ensures that the equipment work uninterruptedlyII.No anesthesia,lttle pain,no damage to ollicle and skin,no influence on daily work,no side effect orsequelae.

Sincoheren has its own Research & Development department, Factory, Quality Control Department, international sales departments, distributors and after-sales department. Successively in the past 20 years, Sincoheren has developed a medical Laser skin treatment instrument (N d Y a g Laser), an intense pulsed light medical device, an R F body slimming machine, a tattoo removal machine, a laser hair removal device, fractional C O 2 laser equipment, Coolplas fat freezing machine. Kumashape machine. Our devices are various from I P L series, Laser series, RF series to Cavitation. 

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Who Needs ND YAG Laser Treatment?

ND YAG laser systems are a strong tool that can help you achieve incredible aesthetic outcomes. This treatment is beneficial to patients with skin pigmentation, dark skin spots, or those who want to reduce hair growth. ND YAG Laser treatment is also beneficial for those who want to treat spider veins or other vascular lesions, those who have rosacea or want to improve their overall skin tone, and those who want firmer skin with a more even skin tone. Moreover, this treatment is for patients who require treatment for certain eye disorders, permanent hair removal, tattoo removal, treatment for certain nail disorders, and many more.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from ND YAG Laser Treatment?

Once your skin has healed following your final treatment session, the results of your ND YAG laser therapy will be visible. These outcomes may be permanent in some circumstances.

What is the Aftercare for ND YAG Laser Treatment?

An ice pack can be used to calm the treated area immediately after therapy.
Scrubbing the region and/or using abrasive skin cleansers should be avoided in the first few days after treatment.
To protect the treated area from abrasion, a bandage might be used.
To limit the risk of postinflammatory pigmentation, patients should cover the area from the sun during and after therapy.

Applications of ND YAG Laser Machine

Pigmentary lesions: nevus of ota (blue or grey patch), ltos nevus, freckles, senile plaques, cafe-au-lait-spots, chloasma, black spot, etc.
Exogenous pigment: tattoos, eyeliner, exogenous pigmentation, etc.
Vascular lesion: hemangioma,navus flammeus, telangiectasia, rosacea, etc.

Difference between ND YAG and IPL treatment


The Nd:YAG is the newest laser currently in use for the purpose of hair removal. Operating with a wavelength of 1064 nm, it penetrates deeper than any other laser to avoid damaging the epidermis and targets the hair follicle directly. This deeper penetration allows for a safer use on darker skin types as it is not deterred by darker pigmentation.


IPL operates differently to laser as it sends out multiple rays of light at different wavelengths at the same time. This allows for a faster coverage of the area treated, but a less targeted approach than a laser. While the Nd:YAG targets the area beneath the epidermis, IPL targets above and below in a fragmented approach.

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