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SDL-L diode portable 3 wavelength 755 1064 808cm diode hair removal machine

808 Hair Removal Machine

808 Hair Removal Machine is the best result and most safety in laser hair removal, special waves laser power penetrates deep into the dermis where the hair follicle is exist,delivering high average power and change its life environment. Diode laser with sapphire contact cooling offer safe and efficacy reduction of unwanted hair for all skin types. This lightweight professional 808 laser hair removal machine uses three wavelength combinations to provide professional hair removal solutions, which can be treated around the clock, bringing you a pleasant, painless comfort.

Main Function

1. 808 Diode laser hair removal machine provides effective and high-quality hair removal, greatly reducing hair growth in any part of the body.

2. Ensure harmless, deep and safe penetration into skin and damage hair follicles.

3. Prevent hair from growing inward and protect skin in any way.

808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Specification

808 Hair Removal Machine

Hair Removal Machine Advantages

----High Power;

----Large spot;

----3 in 1;

----Total body hair removal;

----Customized parameters;

----Safe and Painless.

808 diode laser hair removal machine

Handle Advantage

----Silicone sheath;

----Using ergonomic design;

----Equipped with display screen.

HD Advantage

----3D interface effect;

----Aluminum alloy brushed panel;

----12.1 inch resistive touch screen.

808 diode laser hair removal

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808 Hair Removal Machine Features


----Three power options;

----Higher power;

----Narrower pulse width;

----To reduce pain;

----808/755/1064nm wavelength;

----Suitable for all skin tones;

----808 nm diode laser hair removal is suitable for all parts of the body.

808 nm diode laser hair removal

----Continuous light for 20,000 hours;

----No energy attenuation;

----Even light spot, more comfortable;

----Full gold tin package, high stability;

----The life span of the target bar is 30 million points;

----Improve the efficiency of action;

----Make hair follicles absorb more energy;

----Larger light spot, strengthen the depth of energy effect;

----12*1 6mm2/12* 20mm2;

----super large spot.

laser hair removal machine

diode laser hair removal machine

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