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What's the distinction between a laser treatment and INTRAcel RF microneedling?

Jan. 13, 2022

Which is ideal for you?


At Envision Esthetics, we offer various stylish medicines that treat a wide scope of skin worries, from kinks to broadened pores. Large numbers of these systems treat something similar or comparative issues, yet differ in strategy, innovation, recuperation time, and then some.

 What's the distinction between a laser treatment and INTRAcel RF microneedling?

With regards to knowing which stylish system is appropriate for you, the accomplished group at Envision Esthetics has the preparation and information to assist you with gauging your choices to figure out what will best meet your remarkable objectives.


Lasers can help on an assortment of levels to restore the skin by fixing harm brought about by the sun, maturing, or scars. RF microneedling medicines offer comparative reemerging results, with less vacation that might make it a superior choice for certain patients.


Continue to peruse to find out with regards to our laser medicines versus RF microneedling in Rochester with INTRAcel.


How do laser medicines work?

At Envision Esthetics, we offer three kinds of light-based medicines to customers who need to battle the indications of maturing and sun harm, limit the presence of kinks and scarcely discernible differences, blur scars, even composition, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


At the point when you come to Envision Esthetics for your free 1 hour discussion, we will consider the accompanying variables while deciding whether we suggest a laser treatment or a progression of RF microneedling medicines:


• Your skin type

• Your skin objectives

• The degree of skin harm

• How much time you have accessible for recuperation

 What's the distinction between a laser treatment and INTRAcel RF microneedling?

Assuming you are looking to for the most part care more for your skin and address gentle to direct sun harm, scarcely discernible differences, lopsided surface, or amplified pores, RF microneedling in Rochester may be ideal for you! In addition, we can perform RF microneedling throughout the entire year, though it's ideal to just have laser medicines in the cold weather months, when you can be totally protected from the sun.


Also, RF microneedling requires zero vacation, contrasted with up with 4 days of personal time and time off work that you will be unable to oblige with laser medicines.


It doesn't need to be either, nonetheless. Customary laser medicines and RF microneedling in Rochester at Envision Esthetics can be consolidated (at various occasions, obviously) as a component of a sound skincare routine to totally address your interests and give you gleaming skin.

Is a laser treatment or RF microneedling ideal for me?

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