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How to distinguish IPL, OPT, DPL

Dec. 31, 2021

With the rise of medical cosmetology in recent years, more and more cosmetology terms appear around us, which often makes us confused. For example, what are IPL, OPT, and DPL in photorejuvenation?

Photoelectric beauty is the laser beauty that we often hear (divided into several categories). It uses physical principles (light, electricity, sound waves) to achieve beauty effects such as whitening, freckle removal, acne removal, wrinkle removal and firming. Generally speaking, photoelectric beauty can be classified as follows:

Some people easily confuse laser and intense pulsed light. In fact, in essence, laser and intense pulsed light are composed of photons, but what is the difference between them?

The difference between laser and intense pulsed light

How to distinguish IPL, OPT, DPL

Laser: It is the acronym of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, which means: the light released by stimulated radiation, which fully explains the essence of laser. In layman's terms, laser is a kind of light with precise action and low diffusion when radiating. For example, in the treatment of freckles, the laser only targets the melanin in the dermis and does not affect the water molecules, hemoglobin or capillaries in the skin. effect.

How to distinguish IPL, OPT, DPL

Strong pulsed light: The photon skin rejuvenation, photon hair removal, and E light we often say are all strong pulsed light. Its abbreviation is IPL, so many doctors directly call strong pulsed light IPL. Unlike lasers, intense pulsed light is a continuous multi-wavelength incoherent light with a wavelength range generally between 500 and 1200 nm. It is characterized by a wide range of action and greater diffusion during radiation.

For example, in the treatment of red blood streaks (telangiectasia), it can also improve the dull skin tone and enlarged pores. This is because the target of strong pulsed light is not only the capillaries, but also the melanin and the collagen in the dermal tissue. kick in. In a narrow sense, laser is more "advanced" than intense pulsed light, so when doing freckle removal, birthmark removal, and hair removal, the use of laser equipment is more expensive than using intense pulsed light equipment.

Summarized as follows:

How to distinguish IPL, OPT, DPL

Intense pulsed light technology is widely used in China. In addition to traditional IPL, more advanced intense pulsed light technologies such as OPT and DPL have also appeared.

What is OPT?

How to distinguish IPL, OPT, DPL

OPT is an upgraded version of IPL, it is the abbreviation of Optimal Pulsed Light, which means "perfect pulsed light" in Chinese. To put it bluntly, it is much better than traditional IPL (or photorejuvenation) in terms of therapeutic effect and safety, and it can truly achieve the purpose of improving skin quality. Compared with traditional strong pulsed light, OPT has the following advantages:

1. OPT is a uniform square wave, which eliminates the energy peak that exceeds the treatment energy at the initial part, effectively controls the entire treatment process, and improves safety.

2. It avoids the problem that the follow-up pulse energy attenuation cannot reach the treatment energy and improves the effectiveness.

3. Each pulse or sub-pulse has a uniform square wave distribution, with excellent treatment reproducibility and repeatability.

The doctor can adjust the pulse width and energy to the greatest extent, effectively avoiding the thermal damage of the invalid spectrum to the skin, reducing the risk of scalding, and the treatment process is gentler, safer and more effective.

What is DPL?

How to distinguish IPL, OPT, DPL

DPL is a high-level upgraded version of IPL. It is the abbreviation of Dye Pulsed Light, which means "dye pulsed light" in Chinese. Many doctors call it narrow-spectrum light rejuvenation and precision rejuvenation. It has a more precise effect than IPL and has a treatment cycle. It is also greatly shortened and can excite selected narrow-spectrum pulsed light in the 100nm band. DPL has the following advantages:

1. DPL Precise 500: The intense pulse light spectrum is compressed within 500 to 600nm and contains two absorption peaks of oxyhemoglobin at the same time. The spectrum is more targeted and used for telangiectasia, post-acne erythema, facial flushing, port wine stains Treatment of vascular diseases.

2. DPL precision 550: The intense pulse light spectrum is compressed within 550 to 650nm, while ensuring the ratio of melanin absorption and penetration depth, which is used for the treatment of pigmented diseases such as freckles, sunburn, and age spots.

3. DPL precision 650: The intense pulsed light wave is compressed within 650 to 950nm, and acts on the hair follicles according to the selective photothermal effect of the pulsed light, which increases the temperature of the hair follicle and destroys the growth cells of the hair follicle, without damaging the epidermis in advance Down, so as to achieve the effect of sexual hair removal.

How to distinguish IPL, OPT, DPL

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