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4D HIFU Machine Four Therapeutic Range

May. 05, 2022

Four Therapeutic range 

4D HIFU Machine Four Therapeutic Range

4D HIFU for-- 

1People with wrinkled skin:Smooth wrinkles,Reduce forehead lines, nasolabial folds, smile lines, fade neck lines, prevent neck aging. 

2People with aging, flabby and drooping face: lift drooping tissue and tighten skin, restore skin elasticity and reshape young contour lines.

3People with jaw is loose,Masseter hypertrophy,double chins:lift and tighten the loose parts,Remove excess fat,thin masseter muscle, thin double chin,Reshape three-dimensional compact v-face. 

4People with fat abdomen and arms, loose chest and buttocks, loose abdomen after postpartum and weight loss, and people with abnormal figure:It can dissolve fat, repair skin elasticity, eliminate redundant flesh, lift and tighten skin, beautify body, and reproduce perfect curve. 

4D HIFU Machine Four Therapeutic Range

Gold RF for-- 

1Anti-wrinkles:Fine line, crow's feet wrinkles, forehead wrinkles,nasolabial folds,neck wrinkles etc; 

2Facial rejuvenation,skin regeneration, improve skin quality, compact lifting; 

3Postpartum repair:(abdomenStretch marks, Buttocks&legsFat lines; 

4Skin rejuvenation:It can improve the thick pores and darkskin, and make the skin white and red; 

5Scar removal:acne scars,sunken scar,burn scar; 

6Treatment of acne:The treatment of active acne is especially effective; 

7Deodorization:Treatment of axillary osmidrosis and Axillary hyperhidrosis; 

8Regular skin care and maintenance. 

4D HIFU Machine Four Therapeutic Range

Vaginal HIFU for-- 

1 Vaginal relaxation caused by childbirth and frequent miscarriage; decreased sensitivity, vaginal dryness, stress urinary incontinence and other symptoms; improve vaginal relaxation, enhance mucus secretion,and eliminate dryness; 

2Prevent private aging, restore private moisture and firmness, enhance vaginal lubrication and sensitivity. 

4D HIFU Machine Four Therapeutic Range

Liposonic for-- 1Fat on belly, legs, arms; Loose chest and hipsAbdominal relaxation after childbirth and weight loss; 

2People who are out of shapeRepair skin elasticity while dissolving fatEliminate excess fatLift and tighten skinBody shaping, reproduce the perfect curve.

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