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11 Best Skin Care Solutions-HIFU

Jan. 07, 2022


HIFU is currently one of the anti-aging treatment equipment that can reach the deepest skin level and the best effect!

 11 Best Skin Care Solutions-HIFU

Focusing the ultrasonic wave on a single point produces high energy, which acts on the fascia layer to produce an immediate contraction reaction, which has the effect of lifting and tightening.


Improve the problem:

The temperature of ultrasonic knife treatment is 65~72, which is the most suitable temperature for effective collagen denaturation.

It can accurately move from deep skin to superficial skin, improve the subcutaneous structure that supports the skin, promote the reorganization of collagen, build a new collagen fiber network, and enhance the elasticity of the skin from the bottom of the skin!


Recovery days: 1~2 days

Maintenance time: 1~2 years

Pain index: ★★★

Reference price: 1000~3000

 11 Best Skin Care Solutions-HIFU


(1) Does it hurt to do an ultrasonic knife?

Pain really varies from person to person!

Your discomfort means that the collagen reconstruction mechanism has begun to work!

You can communicate with the doctor to regulate energy and reduce pain.


(2) Are there any side effects when doing HIFU?

After finishing, the skin will be slightly red, and there will be a slight tingling or tingling sensation!

Some people have local muscle soreness after finishing the procedure, but this is a mild and temporary reaction that will recover within 2 to 3 days.


3) What should I pay attention to after finishing?

Use warm water to cleanse the face the night you are done

Do not use skin care products that contain stimulating ingredients within a week, and try to use mild moisturizing products.

When going out within a week, it is recommended to use sunscreen with SPF30 or higher.

Re-examination is required within 1 month after finishing the procedure!

The effect varies from person to person, but as long as you actively do moisturizing and sunscreen work, and don't stay up late, you can keep the effect longer.

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